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Frequently Asked Questions

Is financial aid available?
Graduate certificate students and non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid but may be eligible for private loans. Please contact our Financial Aid Coordinator, Susana Morales, about private student loan eligibility. 
Can students apply veterans or military benefits toward tuition?
Yes, graduate certificate and non-degree seeking students are eligible to receive veterans benefits from the G.I. Bill or V.A. Tuition Assistance. Please refer to the Office of Student Veteran Services for more information. 
Are students only accepted in the fall semester?

Students are accepted in the fall, spring and summer semesters, and courses are offered year-round.  

What is the application fee?

Students applying to the graduate certificate program pay a $30 application fee. There is no application fee for non-degree seeking students.  

Does this program accept transfer credits?

Credits from other colleges or universities are not eligible for transfer. However, up to 3 credit hours earned as a non-degree seeking student can be applied toward the graduate certificate program, so long as a student is formally admitted to the program and earned a “B” or higher.  

How long does it take to earn a Graduate Certificate in Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

Our graduate certificate program can be completed in as little as one semester. However, students are welcome to complete the program at their own pace. In addition, students have up to seven years to complete the program from the time they begin. 

Are there live class meetings?

No, all courses are asynchronous and can be completed at your convenience. However, there are deadlines to ensure course completion within each semester. 

Do these courses require any travel to the University of Florida?

No, all courses are entirely online with no campus visits required. 

How are online courses delivered?

Courses are delivered through Canvas, our learning management system. For more information and to log into Canvas, visit the e-Learning website. 

Who should I contact regarding technical assistance during a course?

On the left-hand menu of the e-Learning login page ( there are links to tutorials to get you familiar with the Canvas course management system which houses all the content for our online courses. If you need technical assistance during the course, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk. You will need your Gator Link ID. You can access the UF Help Desk when you log into the e-learning website. You can reach them seven days a week (hours vary and they are closed on holidays).

Are accommodations made for students with disabilities?

Yes, students may request disability-related accommodations by contacting their instructor and the Disability Resource Center (DRC). In order to receive academic accommodations, students must request that individual accommodation letters be sent each semester to the instructors of each course. For more information, visit the DRC’s Accommodation Letters page. Students can also schedule learning specialist appointments on the DRC Appointments page. 

What email address should I use for course communication?

All course communication is done through your UF webmail account, powered by Office 365. To check your UF webmail account, go to and use your GatorLink username and password to log on. Be sure to check your email regularly for course updates and messages. 

What do I need to participate in online courses?

To participate in online courses, students need: 

  • GatorLink ID 
  • High-speed internet access 
  • The latest version of one of the following browsers: 
  • Google Chrome 
  • Mozilla Firefox 
  • Safari 
  • Headset and microphone 
  • Microsoft Word and Excel (free to UF students) 

Students will utilize the following tools in class: 

  • Adobe Connect: Click here to watch a video tutorial.  
  • VoiceThread: Click here for a student user guide.  
  • Silverlight: Click here to install a free copy of Silverlight

Visit our Technology Requirements page for more information.  

How do I log into the courses?

After you complete the application and course registration process, you can access online courses by logging into UF’s e-Learning website at any time. Go to and select “e-Learning Login” to enter your Gatorlink username and password.
You will not be able to access your course until the start date listed in the course registration materials. Some course content will not be immediately available to you. Instructors may open and close access to lessons according to the schedule posted in the course syllabus.

How can students get help with technical issues?

You can contact the computing help desk for technical assistance. You will need your GatorLink ID. You can access the Help Desk by logging into the e-Learning website. The Help Desk can be reached seven days a week (hours may vary and they are closed on holidays). 

How does this program differ from the master's degree and Ph.D. programs offered by the same department?

The master’s degree and Ph.D. programs focus primarily on lab-based scientific research, whereas the graduate certificate program introduces students to medical pharmacology from both research and clinical perspectives. This makes our graduate certificate useful for STEM professionals looking to expand their pharmacology knowledge and to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market. 

How does this program differ from other graduate certificate programs offered by the University of Florida?

The Graduate Certificate in Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics is unique, not only at UF but nationwide, in that it touches on all bases of pharmacology, including drug design, research and clinical use. It is designed to give students a holistic understanding of the role of drugs in medicine and in our everyday lives.

What resources are available to me as an online student at the University of Florida?

Our online students have access to many of the same resources that are available to students who attend on campus. These include:

Do students have access to the library and other online resources?

Yes, students in our online program enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students. Click here to access the University of Florida Library System.  

Will this certificate prepare me to become a pharmacy technician?

No, this certificate is not a formal vehicle in which to achieve the goal of pharmacy technician.

When can I expect to hear from UF regarding an admissions decision?

These programs work on a rolling admissions basis, so there is no set date by which applicants are notified of their acceptance. How long it takes depends in part upon the volume of applications they are processing at any given point during the cycle. Applications are not usually reviewed until the semester prior as high numbers of applications require that those for the upcoming semester are prioritized over those applying further in advance. For example, a student applying for a fall semester would be reviewed the previous May/June at the earliest.