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About the Program

The online Graduate Certificate in Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics is a 9-credit graduate program. Unlike other programs offered by the University of Florida, this program touches on all aspects of pharmacology, including drug design, research and clinical use. It is designed to give students a holistic understanding of the role drugs and biologics play in medicine and in our everyday lives.  

Our graduate certificate is offered by UF’s College of Medicine, which has attained global recognition due to its renowned faculty and collaborative research teams. The College of Medicine’s annual grant awards from the National Institutes of Health eclipsed $100 million in 2017, and its pharmacological innovations include the development of the popular glaucoma drug Trusopt. The faculty in this program have a diverse range of research interests, including cancer treatments and chemosensation. 

In addition, you don’t need to be anywhere near Gainesville to reap the benefits of being a Gator: 

  • Complete the program in as little as one year (or at your own pace). 
  • Experience what it’s like to attend a school that’s ranked by The Wall Street Journal as the #1 public university.
  • Easily manage your courses, which are self-paced and flexible so you can complete them on your timeline. 
  • Invest in competitively priced tuition at $550 per hour plus fees. 
  • Participate in classes whenever you’re ready to start—spring, summer or fall.