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Graduate Certificate

What is this program?

The online Graduate Certificate in Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, offered through the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the UF College of Medicine, is a 9-credit program that introduces students to drug discovery, development and clinical use.

Students can complete the graduate certificate in as little as one semester, and all of the program’s courses are offered during all semesters, with students accepted year-round. This program provides an excellent way for students to expand their knowledge base in medical pharmacology and help their resume stand out in a competitive STEM job market.

Who is this program for?

This course is beneficial for individuals wanting to pursue a career in medicine or pharmacy and for professionals in pharmacy, drug development, biotechnology, pharmacology, nurses, physicians, physician assistants, clinical scientists, professors, and researchers.

How is this program structured?

Course content is structured into subtopics featuring lectures that are accompanied by problem sets. These problem sets are graded, open-book, take-home assignments that are designed to help students master the course material. Each course also requires the completion of original papers based on students’ exploration of existing scientific research. This assignment is designed to help students integrate the concepts of pharmacology and therapeutics with the preclinical and clinical stages of drug discovery as they relate to human disease.

Each recorded lecture lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. On average, each problem set will take one hour to complete, and each paper will take five hours to complete.

Faculty of the UF Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics will be responsible for preparing and delivering the lectures and other learning activities. The course requirements are as follows:

Required Courses

All students must take the following course:

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
GMS 6551 Fundamentals of Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics* 1 X X X
*It is recommended that students take GMS 6551 during their first semester.

Elective Courses

Students must complete four of the following courses for a total of 8 elective credits:

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
GMS 6520 Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics I: The Nervous System 2 X X X
GMS 6530 Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics II: Cardiovascular, Renal and Respiratory Systems 2 X X X
GMS 6531 Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics III: Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, GI and Integumentary Systems 2 X X X
GMS 6540 Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics IV: Cancer, Antimicrobial and Antiparasitic Agents 2 X X X
GMS 6510 Pharmacology of Cannabis, Tobacco and Vaping 2 X X X

What is required?

Students will be required to successfully complete the required course Fundamentals of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (1 credit hour) and four electives courses of their choosing (8 credit hours), for a total of 9 credit hours. All courses will be offered online in the fall, spring and summer C semesters and will have similar formats.

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